The Somabay Egyptian Solar Challenge (SESC) is an ISF recognized collegiate competition that will take place in Egypt on 17-21 March 2017.  It is the second event to be held as part of the United Solar Challenge (USC), and will coincide with the 2017 Global Hybrid-Electric Challenge - Egypt.  Prequalifying will be held 14-16 March through a number of static and dynamic scrutineering and qualifying sessions, with the cars competing head-to-head for pole position on the final day of qualifications.   The SESC will start and finish at the beautiful Somabay Red Sea resort on the first four days, and will end in Cairo on the fifth (final) day.  On their finish in Cairo the cars will parade in finishing order to the ancient Pyramids at the Giza Plateau.

The following is current information about the competition:

REGULATIONS  The official regulations may be viewed and downloaded here.  The most recent document is v1.0 dated October 24, 2016. Any car that competed in an ISF recognized event during the past three years would in general meet the vehicle design regulations.  Having qualified for these events does not grant any team exemption from inspection and qualification in the SESC.

ENTRY CLASSES  The SESC recognizes two entry classes; Open and Fixed Distance.  Further definitions of the classes are provided in the regulations.  All entries will compete for the USC trophy regardless of class.

ROUTE  A preliminary route has been defined and the organizers are in the process of verifying and finalizing the details.  The final route will be published in January 2017. 

AWARDS  Aside from the USC Championship Trophy for the overall SESC winner, awards will be granted to the top three finishers in both classes, as well as other categories including but not limited to fastest qualifying time, technical innovation, mechanical design, electric design, best use of software, sportsmanship, safety, and best team video and team photo promoting the SESC.  The International Solarcar Federation will also award its Achievement Award to the team that best exemplifies the mission of ISF by raising awareness of the imperatives of sustainable transport through innovation and promoting the concept of “Brain Sport”.

REGISTRATION  Please email the completed SESC Entry Form to teams@unitedsolarchallenge.org.  The registration fee for the SESC is $3000 USD.  Teams that register and pay the fee by 31 December 2016 will receive a 50% discount.  Non-ISF members of the team will also be entitled to a 50% discount off the ISF conference registration fee.

ISF POINTS  The top 10 overall finishers of the SESC will receive ISF Championship points in descending scale from 10 to 1.  All other participants regardless of position receive one point, and the fastest qualifying time is also granted one ISF point.

PARTNERING  A primary objective for holding this competition in the MENA region is to encourage and assist local institutions of higher learning to get involved in building and competing solar powered cars in the future.  The organizers are coordinating with a select number of Egyptian universities and colleges to form collaborations with international teams which will see the twinned institutes working together prior to, during and after the challenge.  Prior to the event the Egyptian host will assist with logistics and challenge preparation. During the SESC the combined team will comprise members from both institutions, giving Egyptian students first-hand experience of the challenges and excitement of participating.  While in Egypt the international team members will conduct brief lectures and hands-on sessions covering a comprehensive set of topics dealing with solar car design and team management. It is expected that the professional interaction and friendships forged through this collaboration will extend beyond the challenge as the Egyptian teams embark on building their own solar cars, and competing in other ISF challenges across the globe.  Teams and local universities wishing to learn more about the academic partnering opportunities please contact info@UnitedSolarChallenge.org.

UNIQUENESS  The SESC has several unique characteristics that distinguishes it from other events, among them: (1) a large section of the route is along the Red Sea offering incredible scenery with perfect sun and weather, and with overnight stays at the beautiful Somabay resort; (2) the challenge will end at the Great Pyramids of Giza, providing an unmatched backdrop including the Sphynx and the ancient Solar Boat museum, (3) the SESC encourages partnering with local institutions of higher learning creating a rewarding experience for both parties and sharing the cost of participation, and (4) the option to enter in either the Open or Fixed Distance classes ensures that all teams will find the SESC to be challenging and commensurate with their team capabilities.